Thank you for your interest in the 100% Discount Promo for BioLife Traditional Chinese Tea. 

Use the coupon code below at “checkout” page (you can also do it in your cart)

Coupon code is: TCT

Just take the simple step below:

Step One:

Click on the image below to go to the product page.

Step Two:

At product page, enter the number of bottles you want and click on “Add To Cart” and you will be taking to “checkout” page.

Step Three:

At “checkout” page, enter your coupon code: TCT

You will see different shipping and delivery cost depending on different location. Chose the shipping and delivery cost option that you prefer.

Pay On Delivery for shipping & delivery cost is available at our Pick Up Center in Lagos State & Ondo City.

If you are not in Lagos, you can send someone to get the tea on your behalf at the Pick Up Center and he or she will then send the package to you.

If you don’t have anyone in Lagos who can get it on your behalf, then chose the other available shipping and delivery cost option at the “checkout” page.

Fill in your shipping address as required on the page. If you don’t have email as required on the “checkout” page, just enter

Step Four:

Click on the “Place Order” button. We will immediately contact you about your package.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This 100% Discount Promo will soon stop. Therefore go ahead now to get as many quantity as you want NOW!.

To your good health,

GetItRight Team

P.S. If you want assistance with everything on the “checkout” page, just contact us on 07017754121 OR 09052908863. Thanks.