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Dear friend,

Have you ever experienced a banned ad account by facebook?

Are you running advert on Facebook and Instagram with the fear that one day your ad account will be banned?

Will you like to run an online advert using Facebook & Instagram as the best online ad platform without running into problems?

Whether we like it or not, Facebook advertising platform is still the best and the cheapest online.

But there is a problem that goes along with it…

Facebook ad platform is the most fragile online. Your ad account can be banned at anytime without any notice or warning.

We know what we are saying because our ad account was banned for 10 different times by Facebook.

This made us to embark on a journey of discovery and we want you to benefit from what we discovered.

Our discovery…

We discovered a 100% free software that we are now using to run advert on Facebook & Instagram without any hitches.

So simple…

So easy…

So convenient…

And very user friendly…

We are now creating and running advert on Facebook and Instagram as we like without problems again. This software is taking care of the pain while we make the gain.

See below screenshots from some of our ads that we are using this software to run on Facebook and Instagram:

The screenshot below shows one of our many adverts using this free software:

The screenshot below shows the statistics of the advert right inside the software

You can also see your advert directly on both facebook & Instagram and read comments, reply to comments & messages, etc. The software has created the link that will easily take you to facebook and instagram. See the red arrow in the screenshot above.

See the same advert on facebook in the screenshot below:

Another screenshot:

See below screenshots from other advert done on Facebook right from the software:

Another one:

There are so many screenshots time & space will  not allow us to display here and therefore let us continue with the discusion.

The software is easy to use on computer, tablets and mobile phone. In fact, we used and still using android phone for everything. The screenshots above are from android phone.

This software will help you to target the right audience using all the demographic parameters made available by Facebook like age, gender, interest, etc.

It will show you all the statistics and report associated with your advert like clicks, impression, shares, likes, comments, etc.

Through the software, you can reply to comments while your advert is running as well as after the advert stopped.

Through the software, you can pause your advert and resume it.

With this software, you will never experience the rejection of payment by Facebook. For example, Facebook can reject your Nigerian credit/debit cards. But this software will pay for your advert on your behalf.

And many more benefits of the software that you will see when using it.

The good thing about this software is that you will never pay any kobo for using it. What you pay is the exact amount you want to spend on Facebook and Instagram advert.


As a beginner that you will be before this software, we are ready to help you register as well as set up your  usage account. After setting up your, we will give you our guide on how to smoothly run your Facebook & Instagram advert.

Hear what some of the many satisfied people are saying about our “set up” service:

“Thank you for helping me with the account creation. This software is now my companion. I started using it after Facebook rejected my advert three times because of payment issues.” Joel Afolabi (Abuja)

“I tried all I could so that facebook can change the banned status on my ad account but nothing was done. But your intervention eventually became the help i was looking for. I am now using the software to run advert on Facebook and Instagram as i like. It is 100% hitch free.” Ike Ndubuisi (Lagos)

“I never know that there can be a great service like this with a token as the fee. The account you helped me to set up is of immense benefit to me now. I started my advert on Facebook and Instagram with ease. Thank you so much for your easy-to-understand guide.” Ahmed Salako (Benin)

We can go on and on telling you about our satisfied clients but because of time, let us tell you what to do so that you can also start using this 100% free software.

All you have to do is to order for our set up service for a token.

See details below:

Set Up Fee is #2,000 for today (90% off)

NOTE: Our Set Up Fee will likely increase and go back to the original price before 4pm tomorrow.


Just take the simple steps below:


Pay the token of #2,000 as your own Set Up Fee into our company’s bank account below:

Bank Name: ECO BANK


Account Number:


After payment, send SMS to 07017754121 or SMS/WhatsApp message to 09052908863 and let it contain the following as they will be used to set up your account:

(1) your name

(2) your email address for the set up (we will create email for you if you don’t have any)

(3) your physical address

(4) the url to your website or facebook fan page (if you don’t have any, we will create such for you. Just tell us).

Immediately we confirm your payment, your job will start and you will be updated all along till we deliver your job.

After that, you will be guided on how to use your account to run facebook and instagram advert smoothly.

Once again, remember that with this free software, your Facebook and Instagram advert account will never be banned again. Never again!

Therefore pay and claim your slot now!

Looking forth to hear from you.

Your friends at

Do you have any question, you can reach us on 07017754121 or 09052908863.