The fact that you are on this page means that you have received a special Discount Code that will completely remove for you the selling price of our TCM Fibroids Kit. (If you have not received any code, click here to see what to do)

Just take the simple steps below:


Go to the sales page through the link below to place order for the quantity you want because you are free to order for as many as you want today.

See the link below:


At the sales page, enter the number of kits you want and then click on “Add To Cart” button to proceed to “checkout” page.


At “checkout” page, do the following:

(1) Enter the Coupon Code sent to you and the selling price will be removed for you instantly.

(2) Supply your address & other details appropriately. If you don’t have email as required, just fill in

(3) Chose the shipping & delivery cost that relate to your location.

(4) Select the means of paying for your own shipping & delivery cost.

(5) Then click on “Place Order” button.

NOTE: If you encounter any difficulty at the “checkout” page, just contact us instantly on 07017754121 or 09052908863 and we will handle everything for you.


If you are in Lagos State, you can pay for your own shipping & delivery cost at our Pick Up Center for Lagos State.

We will connect you with the shipping and delivery agent that will give you your own FREE Kit at the Pick Up Center for Lagos State and collect the shipping & delivery cost from you.

If you are not in Lagos State, you can take any of the options below:

Option One:

If you are not residing in Lagos State, you can send any of your relatives or friends to the Pick Up Center for collection on your behalf. The person will then send the kit to you wherever you are in Nigeria. Just follow the steps explained above.

Option Two:

If you cannot take the option one above, we can send your own kit to your town or city through Post Office and collectable at their office or through EMS Courier Service which will bring it directly to your address.

NOTE: This option two means that you will pay for the shipping cost to our company account before your kit will be sent to you. Chose the option for that at “checkout” page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is advisable to order for as many quatity as you want today. At least 2 kits because this opportunity will be  taken away immediately we have 20 women that placed order. You have to take action fast so as to be among the 20 Nigerian women who will enjoy zero selling price for TCM Fibroids Kit.

Go ahead now to place order. Click on the image below and follow the steps explained above.