HONEST MONEY (Biblical Principles of Money and Banking)

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Does the Bible have answers for the grave economic problems of our day?

Yes. Absolutely.

We are now facing a monetary crisis of astronomical proportions. Government debt is skyrocketing. Currencies are collapsing. Banks are going broke. Businesses are folding. Families are struggling. We’ve been stranded, sitting on top of a mountain of IOU’s that will never be paid off.

Most professional economists don’t know what to do. Neither do most professional theologians. They don’t have answers.
But the Bible does.

In this volume of the ground-breaking Biblical Blueprints Series, Dr. Gary North outlines specifically what those answers are. He demonstrates beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is hope. If we act quickly, wisely, and Scripturally, we can save our nation-indeed, Western civilization-from the most disastrous economic catastrophe in history.

The Bible tells us what to do, when, where, how, and why. It offers us a “blueprint” for financial victory, Honest Money lays out that “blueprint” simply, practically, and understandably. It shows us how we can “move mountains.”


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