Thousands of Nigerian women are now using BioLife Wild Honey Face & Body Cleanser simply because it works wonderfully well on all skin types.

With Wild Honey Face & Body Cleanser, your skin will permanently be free from dullness, blemishes, blackheads, etc.

It is made from pure wild unpasteurized honey and blended with lemon extracts and various moisturizing plants’ extracts plus seven essential oils.

Hear what some of the many satisfied users are saying:

“This is indeed the type of skincare product i have been looking for. I always like how it deep cleanse my face whenever i use it to remove make ups.” >>> Ijeoma Nicholas

“After reading an article that talks about the danger of face & body cleanser made with artificial and synthetic chemicals, i started searching for the natural one that i can use. I was so happy when i found BioLife Wild Honey Face & Body Cleanser. It is really giving me the beautiful and bright skin of my dream.” >>> Sola Adekoya

“My sister came to our house on a visit and used my BioLife Wild Honey Face & Body Cleanser because she forgot to bring her own brand of cleanser. After using Wild Honey Face & Body Cleanser for few days, she discovered that her acne-filled face is free from acne. She is so happy now and begged me to help her order for her own.” >>> Stella Okoroji

There are many other testimonies time will not permit us to share here.

Place order for your own now and enjoy our December Discounted Promo Price.

Let your skin experience the beautifying power of wild honey.


How to order?

>>> 1 bottle is #2,500 and shipping fee is #1,000.

>>> 2 bottles is #5,000 and shipping fee is #400.

>>> 3 bottles is #7,500 and shipping fee is free and you will also get 1 free bottle.

Send an SMS or WhatsApp message to 09052908863 and let the message contain your contact address in Lagos State, your active phone number and the number of bottles you want.

Shipping and delivery is between 1 to 3 days.


To your beautiful skin,

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P.S. Please if you are not residing in Lagos and want to get this cleanser, kindly contact us through SMS/WhatsApp message to 09052908863.